Are The Ants Around My Kathleen Home Dangerous?


a carpenter ant on a table

Ants Are All Different

Even though all ants share similar traits, when looked at closely, ants are all also a little different. Even within a single colony, ants are polymorphic. Polymorphic is basically the fancy word for any group of living things with multiple shapes and sizes. That’s why you see little ants and bigger ants moving together. Even though ants come in different shapes and sizes, it is the traits that all ants share that make them potentially dangerous.

Why Are Ants Dangerous?

Most ants are considered a nuisance. They can harm our home, contaminate our food, and pollute our countertops. Some species, however, are considered dangerous because they can spread pathogens. Ants procreate quickly, and a small ant problem quickly becomes something that is out of control. Therefore, if ants are moving constantly in and out of your Kathleen home, they are transferring a host of unwanted germs and bacteria in the wake of their travels.

Can Ants Really Be Deadly?

Like bees and wasps, ants can sting. All Stinging insects are potentially deadly. Death by an allergic reaction to stinging insects used to be a lot more common. In fact, it was so common that when a treatment for stinging insects was discovered, it was made available in nearly every hospital in the world. Today, a lot of people who are allergic to stings even keep this treatment on their person. Because of the widespread availability of epi-pens, ant stings rarely end in fatality. Furthermore, not everyone is allergic to stings, and for those who are, the allergic reaction can vary depending on each person's sensitivity to stinging insects. Some people might go into shock, others might experience twice the pain even if they don’t go into shock. Even though untreated instances of ants stinging allergic people are rare, ants are still considered dangerous. That said, here are a few of the other ways ants are dangerous to everyone:

  • Ants can damage electronics.
  • Ants can cause structural damage.
  • Ants can spread pathogens.
  • Ants can contaminate food and surfaces.

Two Types Of Ants To Watch Out For In Kathleen

One of the most destructive ants Kathleen property owners must deal with are carpenter ants. These ants are among the largest ants in North America. They are blackish-brown or red and have large heads and mandibles. Because they chew through wood with ease, they are called carpenter ants. Most of our homes are primarily built of wood. Therefore, these ants can do substantial property damage if left to their own devices, and if you're not looking, they are hard to detect.
Once they infest a structure, carpenter ants can be difficult to treat without help from a professional. Even though these ants are not as aggressive as Pharaoh ants and fire ants, they can sting.
Another dangerous ant species in Kathleen is the Pharoah ant. Pharaoh ants are nearly impossible to get rid of with over the counter methods. They may even get worse if you try to treat them with methods that work perfectly well for other types of ants because a Pharoah ant colony will adapt to distressing situations. If the Pharaoh ant queen does succumb to poison, other ants in the colony can transform into one or several new queens. These ants are also one of the worse in terms of spreading pathogens and contaminating food and surfaces. Pharaoh ants are much smaller than carpenter ants, but they are way more aggressive.

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It's reasonable to wonder whether or not the ants in your home are dangerous. Ants can be dangerous even if you aren't allergic to them. Their stings are always painful, and they are more than just annoying once they find themselves inside of your Kathleen home. Furthermore, some ants present an increased likelihood of getting sick while other species will do severe damage to your property. Ants have their purpose in nature, but they don't belong inside the house. If you see one ant, there is likely a colony somewhere nearby. With a little help from the friendly professionals at Blitz, we can control your current ant problem and prevent it from coming back. If you're looking for ant solutions, reach out to us today with any questions.


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