Six Signs You May Have A Termite Problem In Your Georgia Home


termites chewing on rotton wood

When termites look at your home, all they see is food, never-ending, tasty, and available food. The question is, how accessible is that food? Will they have to work to get into your home? Is your home’s wood soft enough for their jaws to chew through? Do they have to compete with other pests such as carpenter ants? To find out how susceptible your Georgia home is to a termite infestation, here are six signs you can look for.

  1.  Soft Wood
    Termites here in Georgia almost exclusively eat wood that has been softened by water damage, rot, or decay. Checking your home’s wood for these conditions can tell you if it is at risk for a termite infestation.
  2. No Non-Wood Barrier
    Most homes have a foundation of concrete that keeps its structural wood from directly touching exterior soil. Homes that do not have this non-wood barrier are at extra risk of a termite infestation. Why? Because termites are tunneling pests, and direct soil-to-wood contact means it requires less work to invade.
  3. Tight-Fitting Doors and Windows
    Termite damage can affect many things around your home, one is how well your doors and windows close. If doors and windows around your home are becoming more and more difficult to open (or close again), there is a chance termites are the cause.
  4. Bubbling Wallpaper/Paint
    When termites tunnel through homes, they spread moisture. This moisture can negatively affect both paint and wallpaper causing it to bubble.
  5. Pin-Sized Holes In Wood
    To keep their tunnels properly ventilated, termites will create exit holes. These very small holes are difficult to spot but can be found in structural wood that is infested by termites.
  6. Soft Clicking Noises
    When termites consume a home they do so very quietly, but not completely silent. If you place your ear up to a wall termites are eating through you can hear them. Many people compare the sound of termites to soft clicking. Others liken it to snapping and popping.

What You Can Do To Combat Termites

If termites are not already causing trouble around your Georgia home, then it is not too late for you to take steps to stop them. Here are some prevention tips our experts recommend.

  • Make sure your home has a non-wood barrier between its structural wood and exterior soil.
  • Avoid using wood-based mulch products around your home.
  • Repair or replace water-damaged, rotting, and decaying wood around your home.
  • Store woodpiles and or lumber at least 30 feet from your home’s exterior.
  • Keep your yard free of organic debris.

How Destructive Are Termites?

Termites will not destroy your home in a week, but they can cause severe damage over the course of just a few years. What makes termites the most destructive is how hard they can be to identify. Even when you know what to look for, many of the signs termites leave behind only happen after they have been destroying a home for a long time. This is not how you want to find out about a termites problem!

How You Can Keep Your Home Termite-Free

With termites, early prevention will always be better than fixing your home up after they have taken a few bites. To get your home the protection it needs, the professionals here at Blitz! Exterminators, LLC are here to help. Our team of highly trained pest technicians has the tools and treatments needed to ensure your Georgia home stays termite-free year-round.

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