Why Macon Residents Should Consider Year-Round Pest Control


a home protected by year round pest control

Life is all about choices. As humans, we love options, and having options for what we can do with our money is part of the American dream. Working hard for your income so that you can decide what to spend it on is a great feeling. But having a beautiful house with bugs running around in it is not as great a feeling. That’s why investing in year-round pest control shouldn’t be considered an “optional” expense. Here are a few benefits of year-round pest control for Macon residents.

Protect Your Home And Family From Disease

Some people can stomach looking at bugs. That creepy-crawly feeling that you might get when you see a bug in the house is something people can't get over. If that was the only thing that bugs brought into your home, then maybe it wouldn’t be worth paying for pest control. But most insects that infiltrate your home also carry and spread harmful diseases like Lyme disease, salmonella, hantavirus, giardia, and more. And what’s worse, they can spread these diseases in your home without even contacting you, as they leave bacteria on food preparation surfaces and furniture in the home. When it comes to your health, you don’t want to leave pest infestation to chance.

Protect Your Investment

Termites may get the most publicity when it comes to destroying homes, but other pests can cost you money on home repairs as well. Insects like ants and crickets will chew up the wooden foundation or your home and create holes in any fabrics you might have stored. Mice, although a lot bigger, can squeeze in dime-sized openings in your walls to find their next meal. They leave damaged wood and chewed-up fabric in their wake. To protect the money you’ve invested in your home and furniture, you need to get professional protection from ants, crickets, rats, and, of course, termites.

Protect Your Peace Of Mind

Your money isn’t the only thing on the line when it comes to the pest control decision. And let’s set diseases on the back burner for a minute as well. The simple inconvenience of always wondering when the next time you’ll get surprised by a bug in your home is reason enough to spend some money on year-round pest control. Your home should be the most comfortable place in your life, but if you’re always expecting to encounter a bug while cooking, entering a room, or sitting on the toilet, it’s going to take a toll on your peace of mind. Knowing that your home has guaranteed professional protection from bugs is a priceless assurance.

Enjoy Your Home

Along with a great place to relax, your home should be the perfect setting to bring your friends and family together. Even though guests and pests may rhyme pretty well, they don’t belong in the same tune. Enjoying the game on the porch or dinner in the dining room with sporadic insect sightings doesn’t exactly create a harmonious feeling for anyone. With professional pest control, however, your parties can go off without a hitch (or an itch).

Protecting Your Home On Your Own

If you’re trying to save money and protect your home from pests on your own, there are a myriad of methods that the Internet claims will keep the pests away. For instance, keeping a clean home is a great place to start.

By cleaning up any spilled liquids or dropped crumbs, people can limit the ant or cockroach activity in their home. A lesser-known fact is about a home remedy for rodent control. Most people try traps or poison to keep rats out of the house, but changing the layout of lawn decorations will scare rodents away. Since rodents adjust to their surroundings and are very fearful of a changing environment; the different layout of landscaping items can make them feel uneasy in your yard, encouraging their exit.

While cleaning your house and shifting your lawn ornaments might be the easy road, we all know that the easy road isn’t always the most successful. Additionally, your health, your family’s health, your investment, and your peace of mind are just too important to leave to chance.

The only guaranteed way to protect the things most important to you from the threat of pest infestation is to trust the professionals at Blitz! Exterminators. Our certified pest experts will work with you and your schedule to create an affordable plan to protect your Macon home and your family from the year-round threat of pests. 


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