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Protecting Your Macon, GA Home & Family From Pests

Pests in Macon can cause major problems when they get into your home. Not only are they destructive, damaging your house and belongings, but they can also be dangerous – exposing your family and pets to illnesses and injury. Whether you have an active pest infestation or want to avoid one, Blitz! Exterminators can help with our variety of residential pest control options.

Our Home Pest Control Process

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In order to understand the pest pressures you’re dealing with, we begin our service with a detailed inspection of your home. We’ll not only look for the pests themselves but also inspect the conditions both inside and outside your home that may be contributing to your pest problems. During the inspection, we’ll pull out appliances to search behind them, check exterior living spaces, and offer recommendations on things you can do to make your home less attractive to pests.

Before our first service visit, we’ll ask you to clean out your cabinets and pull out your appliances to aid us in our treatment. We’ll target all active pests, as well as treat your baseboards, bathrooms, under furniture, hotspots, and anywhere with an electrical current. Outside, we’ll treat foliage, shrubbery, and leaves.

Our general pest control service comes with quarterly service visits. We’ll return to your home every three months to re-treat and ensure that your home remains pest-free all year long.


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By inspecting the interior and exterior of your home before providing treatment, we can identify the pests currently in your home, how they’re getting inside, and what conditions are attracting them.

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We provide interior and exterior treatments to eliminate active infestations, as well as prevent future ones from occurring. Our treatments focus on the areas where pests are most likely to enter your home and congregate.

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Our general pest control comes with quarterly service visits. We’ll return to your house to re-treat it every three months. These visits ensure that your pest control stays up-to-date, and your home stays pest-free.

Our Specialty Service Offerings

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In addition to our general pest control plan, we also offer several specialized plans. These services are perfect for situations in which you have a specific pest that is causing problems.

Below is a list of our specialty pest control service offerings:

Please visit the individual service page to learn more about each service.

Cleaning Up Macon Through Pest Control

At Blitz! Exterminators, we are committed to cleaning up Macon through pest control. With our friendly, knowledgeable, and experienced technicians working for you, you’ll receive the service you need to make your home pest-free and safe for your family. Contact us to schedule a free inspection.


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