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Excess Moisture Is Bad For Your Macon Home

Your crawlspace is probably not an area you think about with any regularity, but ignoring it could be a big mistake. Crawlspaces are areas where moisture tends to build up quickly. Excess moisture can lead to mold growth, damaged wood, and pest problems. Blitz! Exterminators offers moisture control services to protect your home from damage caused by moisture.

Our Moisture Control Process

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To determine what services you need, we’ll begin by performing an inspection of your crawlspace. We’ll look for standing water, leaks, damage to the insulation, wood-destroying insects, and more.


Once we determine what problems you’re experiencing due to moisture, we’ll provide you with the treatments you need to solve your moisture problems. These may include:

  • Leveling the crawlspace.

  • Installing lighting and a pad.

  • Closing off foundation vents.

  • Encapsulating your crawlspace and covering 100% of the soil and up the foundation walls with polyethylene.

  • Treating any wood-destroying organisms.

  • Ensuring airflow is current and constant.


We’ll return to your house every six months to inspect and make sure everything is working the way it’s supposed to. If you have a dehumidifier, you are responsible for changing the filters.

A Moisture-Free House Is A Healthy House

When moisture gets trapped in your crawlspace, many problems can occur that affect your entire house and the people inside. At Blitz! Exterminators, our moisture control services will eliminate your moisture problems and ensure that they can’t return. Contact us today to schedule an inspection.


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