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Don’t Let Mosquitoes Ruin Your Time Outdoors

Mosquitoes are common pests in Macon. No one likes them, but fewer people realize how dangerous they are. Mosquitoes spread many serious, and sometimes fatal, illnesses. Reducing their populations on your property not only makes it more pleasant to spend time outdoors but also protects you from illness. Blitz! Exterminators can help.

Our Mosquito Control Process

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Before providing treatment, we inspect your yard to find harborage areas and places with standing water. Objects that hold water, such as buckets or tires, will be turned over to eliminate the standing water.


We use a two-part treatment to target both adults and eggs. This method knocks out the mosquitoes that are currently bothering you while also preventing new mosquitoes from developing.

We use mosquito misters to spray the foliage around your property. These target the adult mosquitoes while they rest in the shade during the day. We use a larvicide in areas of standing water to eliminate mosquito eggs and larvae.


Our mosquito reduction service includes re-treatments every three weeks to keep your yard as mosquito-free as possible all season long. If you find a lot of mosquitoes around between service visits, we’ll return to re-treat your yard for no additional charge.

Protect Your Family, Enjoy Your Macon Yard

Keeping mosquitoes out of your yard isn’t as difficult as it may seem. With mosquito reduction services from Blitz! Exterminators, you can enjoy your yard without the annoyance and dangers that mosquitoes bring with them. Contact us to schedule your service visit.


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